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Hi! I am Elmer Emanuels
Online Marketing Specialist, Digital Nomad

2 Years ago, I ended the lease of my apartment in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I sold all my belongings and made myself ready for a new journey in life. Since the summer of 2016 I travel the world full time as a digital nomad. 

I am very passioned about Online Marketing. After getting my Bachelors Degree in Communication, I developed my skills by working as a marketeer for several start ups & established companies. The services I have to offer are: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Consultancy

Everything starts with a thought, after that it becomes reality. I am there for everything in between.


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What is legal regarding email marketing? What are the technical boundaries of emails? I am aware of all these aspects. 

Together with you I can make fully branded emails, which you audience will love! E-mailmarketing includes creating a beautiful design and develop valuable campaigns.  

With my experience I know how to move between your wishes, what is possible and best practices, so you have the best result possible.


Html/Css, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Litmus, Spotify

Social Media Marketing

Get ahead of the competition, by connecting with your target audience online. 

Social media marketing will give you reduced costs, show realtime results, demographic targeting, long time exposure and tools to analyse results! 

With my Social media strategies, you will have a step-by-step plan to make you goals reality! 


Photoshop, Field Research, Data, Online Experience, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics


Do you have a beautiful product, but don’t know how to generate traffic? Or do you have another specific problem and just need some serieus advise? 

Contact me and hopefully I can help you to the next step. I can help you with all your online problems within 48-hours.

Before starting the consultancy, you can contact me for free. I will make the assesment rather I can help or not. No Cure No Pay.


Bachelor Degree Online Communication, Field Experience, Online Courses


For the love of creating

Software skills


I use Photoshop to create the most amazing images. Images to be used on websites, in emails and many more.


Indesign is the most used tool to create amazing printed media. I use this tool to make whitepapers and lookbooks.


Joomla is a powerful tool to create complex community websites.


I use Illustrator to create hd-icons which can be used on websites, printed media and many more.


Dreamweaver is where the coding magic happens! I use this to create nice HTML/CSS templates. 


WordPress is poweful software which can create blog websites, webshops or just portfolio websites like these.


I'm always working on something great!


With having the right online marketing strategy, you will reach your targets in a more efficient way. As an online marketeer I will help you research your online market and online competitors. So who have I worked for? I’ve worked for many companies around the world.

I’ve developed the websites for the Dutch company’s Hartje mezelf and e2iathletics. Also, I have developed the website and initial online marketing strategy for the American/Australian Coaching team named SelfCraft. I collaborated with the Australian Fashion Brand Boho Hippy Chic, by creating their website, increasing their online presence and connecting them with their online audience. I’ve worked with the e-mail marketing company Spotler. I helped them  with designing, developing and implementing e-mail campaigns for their clients. This collaboration is still going on.

I am the co-founder of fashion brand Ubuntu Wear, since 2014 andth is project is still going. I’ve created the website and I’m responsible for the online marketing. The products are made by local craftsmen and artists we meet along the way.

Like to see all of my projects? Click here to check out my LinkedIn.


Make your project one to remember


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Doing what you love 
is the best inspiration

I work in the most amazing places

I travel while working so I can get the best results for you, 
simply by following my heart.